Prototype 5

Due to the deadline, I painted the fabric before I sew the first toile which is quite a dangerous decision. If the toile is not working I might need to adjust the zero waste pattern and the sizing might change and the fabric might be wasted. Thank god there is only minor change that I need to do after doing Prototype 5 – Toile. So on the same day I proceed on cutting the fabric and rush to sew the look.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Fabric Manipulation (Own pictures, 09.06.17)
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Prototype 5 (Own pictures, 10.06.17)

Reflection: I should not use neoprene fabric as the pants material. I choose neoprene because I want the top details to have more structure but I makes the pants too baggy and looked like a diapers. But I do not regret the decicion because if I choose to use double knit fabric, the top piece might not be as good as this. I really like the effect at the front neckline which is quite different from the toile but it actually work better.



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