Prototype 5 – Toile

After lining up all of my four looks together, I feel like I need to add another look using neoprene fabric because only my Prototype 2  is using neoprene with a hint of grey. With less than 1 week before final week, I tried to revisit my previous zero waste plan that I did not select and try to make a shorts design.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 4 Toile (Own pictures, 22.05.17)

I did mentioned that I like my prototype 4 earlier drapes before it become and oversized jacket, so now I tried to remake the whole pattern into a new one but with this details which I wanna keep.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Own Pictures 05.06.17

First, I eliminated the triangular hem and cut it straight all across. Which make me ended up with two triangle piece. I was draping it around and suddenly thought of making a hoodie out of it.

Own pictures 05.06.17

The dummy does not have a head so I asked my friend to wear it for me after I pinned all the triangle pieces. The hoodies is too large and so weird that I ditched this idea.

Own pictures (05.06.17)

I brainstormed for a few days to remake the patter. Since I already done a pants pattern, I was thinking what kind of different pant that I could play with. I ended up finding the harem pants pattern by reading my pattern making books and tried on this idea.

Own pictures 09.06.17

I choose to try this idea and create a toile out of this zero waste pattern.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Toile (Own pictures 09.06.17)

For the top, I need it would look better if it is more fitted and not to boxy, and the shorts actually failed because I did not consider the width of the leg to go through so slash it and add more fabric to make it wearable.




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