Prototype 4

New Doc 2017-06-07_3.jpg
Finalize dress pattern (Own pictures, 02.16.17)

Since there is not much time to try out the new master plan, I proceeded on sourcing and paint the fabric within the day so that the pain will be dry the next day and ready for cutting.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Fabric painting process (Own pictures, 03.06.17)

Previously I have used each color combination to each prototypes such as yellow combination with green, pink and orange. For this dress, I decided to mix all color with the intend so the collection looked as one collection.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 4 (Own pictures, 05.06.17)

There is few difference of the toile and the actual because of adaptation of the master plan but it is not drastic change just a little bit of proportional problem. I should have take my time to try another toile before committing to sew prototype 4 but what is done is done.



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