Prototype 4 – Toile No.2

Updates of the previous post. Since the toile does not look like a dress, I tried on recreating basic dress silhouette but make the pattern become a zero waste plan.

I tried to create a mermaid silhouette because it is the most interesting to recreate as a zero waste plan. The other silhouette are easier to pieces together in a zero waste plan such as sheath,  A-line or ball gown pattern.

Plan no.1 (Own pictures, 26.05.17)

I created a quarter of mermaid skirt pattern and alternate the pieces upside down to save the spaces, then the negative areas would be draped as the bodice. But then I was faced with some trouble after sewing the mermaid skirt.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
First toile (Own pictures, 26.05.17)

I forgot to check the stretch of the fabric plus the seam allowance. I can add the seam allowance but because of the fabric stretch, I need to pieces up the pattern again to work with the stretch direction which means this master plan end up to the bin again.

Plan no.2 (Own pictures, 27.05.17)

Following the stretch direction, I cannot piece four mermaid panel into the fabric selvedge so I merge the pattern and left only with front and back skirt. This time without forgetting the seam allowance I proceed on creating the second toile.

PicMonkey Collage
Second toile (Own pictures, 27.05.17)

Finally the toile is looking more complete. and the fit of the skirt is just nice. But actually this is not the complete look because the upper part of the dress is not yet decided. I draped three more alternative and try to achieve a more suitable design for my collection.

Draping the top bodice (Own pictures, 27.05.17)

After draping for hours, I felt lost and feeling so stuffy so I tossed aside this toile and back to start with a blank canvas again. (I kinda regretted this decision, because now looking back I quite like the outcome of the dress).




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