Prototype 3

Here I am back after my Prototype 3 – Toile. I was inspired by two piece set outfit and thought why don’t I make both top and pants in one zero waste pattern. So I made another toile for this look 3 with a little tweak to the master plan.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 3 Toile No.3 (Own pictures, 12.05.17)

I need to widen the top piece because it cannot be worn over the shoulder if I sew all side seam

LIE Zero Waste Pattern (Own pictures, 12.05.17)

There are few minor changes I need to curved and lower the crotch to give more comfort of wearing the pant and the neck hole opening will be sewn like a welt pocket lip.

New Doc 2017-05-15_1.jpg
Prototype 3 Fabric (Own pictures, 15.05.17)

I overdid the painting again, but this color combination is quite eye-catching.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 3 (Own pictures, 19.05.17)

Overall I think the silhouette is pretty basic, but since my main struggle is to create a zero waste pattern so I should be satisfied that I managed to finalize this top and pants. There still be room for improvement for the next design.



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