Prototype 2

Finally my prototype 2 is here! After trying out from Prototype 2 – Toile (Part 1) and Prototype 2 – Toile (Part 2), here is the process of creating my zero waste Jacket.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Fabric painting (Own pictures, 03.05.17)

After my first painting, I realize that I should not color the whole fabric. This time I only colored both end of the fabric and splattered some paints in between.

20170504_010602 (2)
Jacket zero waste pattern (Own pictures, 03.05.17)

Drafting my master plan directly on top of the fabric.

I love my jacket so much ! The color combination is much better than my Prototype 1 and it is not too overwhelming so the silhouette is still the main focus point.

(Fun Fact No.1- I used a double head to head zipper so this jacket can be worn as a dress as well !)

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 3 (Own pictures, 12.05.16)

If you have keen eyes, you might notice a little difference of my Prototype 2 – Toile (Part 2) with the final one. Actually I faced with sudden challenge because the neoprene fabric I bought is double sided fabric. I was dejected that time but looking the final outcome, I feel like the hints of grey actually create an interesting detail to the overall design.




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