Prototype 3 – Toile

I have done a skirt and a jacket for Prototype 1 and Prototype 2. So I was thinking to make a pants zero waste pattern. I already tried a few pants pattern from Zero Waste Fashion Design (Timo Rissanen & Holly Mcquillan) book. So I developed the pattern and incorporated my name into the master plan.

Brainstorming (Own Pictures, 25.04.17)

I was deciding where to use the blocked design or curved one for my pants. The final decision I used the first one and sew a muslin toile.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 3 Toile No.1 (Own pictures, 25.04.17)

My first initial idea is to use the “L” piece as a back pocket. but I was left with a big chunk negative area from “L” piece. The second problem is the crotch I draw initially is not big enough so I cannot wear the pants at all. So I tried another version of the pants.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 3 Toile No.2 (Own pictures, 28.04.17)

I seam ripped the side seam and used the negative “L” shape as a waistband facing. I made an initial of my name as a design on the back pants and canceled the back pocket idea. But I didn’t proceed with this look as well because the back design is a bit cheeky and the open side seam will not work with elastic waistband.

My fabric for the Prototype 2 has arrived, I will be back again after I finish my Prototype 2 actual.



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