Prototype 2 – Toile (Part 1)

After creating my 1st Prototype, I was thinking what else can I create using the zero waste technique. I have done skirt and tops pattern, but I would like to try other types of garment like an outerwear.

PicMonkey Collage
Prototype 2 – 1st trial

This is the first trial of my outerwear design, it too simple and looks like a normal cardigan. I liked the ruffles draped in the front but I choose to remake the whole zero waste pattern again.

New Doc 2017-05-04_16
“IVY” Zero waste block

I spend the whole day to think how to pieces up this pattern. When I draw this pattern, I only planned for “V” and “Y” pieces to match at the neckline and that is it !

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Front & Back view of “IVY” block

After joining the “V” and “Y” bodice, I pinned the “Y” piece and tried to create a hood. But what surprise me that supposed hood drapes as a collar which I like it better!

Next I added bust dart to make the bodice more fitted and used the triangle pieces beside “V” and “Y” as a sleeves. “I” is used to connect front bodice and side seam.

PicMonkey Collage
Testing Origami pocket

Third problem I faced is the non symmetrical pocket. I like asymmetrical things sometimes but I prefer a more clean and balanced overall. This two pocket does not look good on each other, I will re-think about the pocket again when I am making my actual garment.



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