Capsule Collection: Sustainable Fashion

After my Early Sketches I was brainstorming really hard for my capsule collection and finally I have decided what to do with it! While I was trying out different techniques that I learn within this semester, I choose to do “Zero Waste” Design as my final decision for this Capsule Collection. But the first few weeks of designing, I was kinda lost on how to design zero waste fashion…

PicMonkey Collage
First attempt of designing zero waste.

I was stuck and out of ideas, so I tried to re-create other people zero waste pattern then from there I develop it to create my own.

Rissanen, T., & McQuillan,H. (2016). Zero waste fashion design (pp.46,47). London, NY: Fairchild Books/Bloomsbury.
PicMonkey Collage1
Developed pattern from the books.
Research project led by Holly Mcquillan of Massey University.
New Doc 2017-03-23 (1)_11
Trying on their pattern piece to understand how the pattern flow.

After lots and lots experiment, I finally found a suitable way to create my own zero waste pattern by using my name as the cut lines for the pattern pieces.

PicMonkey Collage2
Left: pattern planning, Right: mini toile.

I was so excited that I finally able to create my own pattern, it was like a miracle for me because I am a person who goes by the book.

For now, I will do more experiment… and soon I will post an update about the Prototype 1 – Toile



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