Capsule Collection: Textile Manipulation

In my Capsule Collection Inspiration, I mentioned that I am going to play with paint for my design. I had few Dylon fabric paint from my previous assignment so I tried painting with some leftover fabrics.

PicMonkey Collage
Painting on knit jersey

You are familiar picture above right? It from the Field Trip to Gillman Barracks. I was thinking what should I draw on the fabric for hours… then I flipped through my sketchbook for inspiration so I ended up drawing these two art piece and tried each one in different fabric.

PicMonkey Collage1
Painting on chiffon

Since there are limited amount of paint left, I mixed water to the paint but it end up too diluted, so you can see different shades of the black paint and the lines ended up a bit blurry.

After the first experiment, I bought more paints to try such as acrylic and oil paints to try and experiment with more different fabrics.

The mess me and another classmate made to do fabric manipulation.

Here is the first trial using acrylic paint with a roll sponge brush for the application.The effect come out different from what I thought it would be. The paint was absorbed to the fabric so it lay very flat and the edge of the paint create a blurred effect which end up looking soft (but I wanted ). The organza piece create a quite interesting effect which I like, maybe I will use it for future collection.

PicMonkey Collage2
From left to right: wool, cotton, knits, organza

While I was cleaning the brush with paper… I kinda like how the effect looked because the paint color has more depth and the lines are harsh and more structured. If I decided to use this effect, I might be using ‘digital print’ after I paint on paper.

New Doc 2017-03-22_25

Next, I tried using acrylic paint and glass paint to create 3D effect to the fabric. I liked the outcome of using oil paint has more depth compare to acrylic because as you can see in the close up picture, there are different depth to the paint and you can see brush stroke which create an interesting texture to the fabric. (But the downside is the paint took around 2 – 3 days to fully).

PicMonkey Collage3

Then I also tried using window glass paint, the effects has a lot potential. It create texture to fabric without adding color which can be use minimalist design. By itself, it kinda look like Iris Van Herpen technique which look futuristic and I like it a lot! (I will save this technique for future collection).

PicMonkey Collage4



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