Deconstruction VS Reconstruction

Today topic is no stranger for me. I like to do little transformation to my own garment in my own free time. But deconstruction and reconstruction means you fully changed the identities of the garment, example a pair of jeans into a dress etc. I brought my own clothes that been hanging on my wardrobe for the longest time to experiment with.

(Left: Blouse from Korea, Right: Zara Shirt)

At the start, I was still on my comfort zones and draped a basic silhouette that more mainstream and safe. (I am usually designed ready-to-wear and not avant garde design)

1st tryout

I was not satisfied by the outcome and I feel like I was trying to cheat my way of this assignment. After taking a small break and cleared my mind, I tried to drape again with open-minded and try not to think too much whether it will be wearable or not.

2nd tryout

The 2nd tryout looked quite funny but at least I tried ! The left skirt looks quite interesting as it look different that the usual gathering technique we use to create puffiness, the silhouette is new to me as well. While the right top can work as an off-shoulder blouse with inside out sleeve details. I liked the skirt outcome more so I further develop that idea.


I attached the sleeve to the bust area and criss-crossed them to cover the bust. Next I use the bodice and draped all over front and back. I loved the look so I proceed and sew all the pieces. (The picture on top is not yet sewn, just pinned to the dummy)


After sewing it up, I tweaked a bit of the back details. It looked nice on the dummy but when someone wear it, It showing so much skin and the fabric don’t drape like the picture. So I hand sew a lace up details with some yarn. I asked my classmate to wear it and she say she like my blouse. (Thanks Elaine <3)

Conclusion, I enjoyed this experiment and I would like to create a collection in the future with deconstruction vs. reconstruction concept! I will stop writing now or it will be endless. Bye ~



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