Zero Waste Fashion

As a fashion designer, we work with lots of fabric but we are not aware about the waste we produced when we cutting out pattern pieces.

Today we are to learn how to completely utilize the whole fabric and produce no waste at all. I thought it was impossible at first… but actually it is quite doable!

(Trying on Victor Tang Zero Waste paper pattern)

I was thinking so hard how does this rectangle pieces can construct a garment at all. Trying on dummy, pinning it, taking off again, it was straining my brains and I found it so confusing. After hours of thinking, our lecturer Arzelle said that we can just create our own version out of the plan. So here what I produced from this plan.

picmonkey-collage0At the end, I managed to create the skirt but for the top I just draped an off-shoulder blouse with a helping hand from Arzelle. I like how it look in the front !


To further understand how zero waste worked, I tried reading the “Zero Waste Fashion Design” book by Holly McQuillan and Timo Rissanen. I was fascinated by Yitzak Abercassis experimental dress. She created her collection by slashing holes for the neck, arm and leg out of a neoprene fabric.

PicMonkey Collage
Neoprene Laser Cut Clothing [digital image]. Retrieved from

I used small dummy to re-create the look to understand how the slashing technique work with fabric. It’s kinda blow your mind about perception of drafting block which actually can be done simply by slashing an opening to fit the body.




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