Subtraction Cutting

Today we are going to learn about Subtraction Cutting by Julian Robert. Subtraction cutting means using the negative space of the fabric to create a draped dress that you would not know the final look unless you sew it up.

Subtraction cutting pattern [digital image]. Retrieved from

There are few important step of making this subtraction cutting.First, you need a long and wide fabric. we used 2 different color fabric and sew them together in the selvedge. Second, we traced basic bodice front and back 10cm down from armhole and place them on top of the fabric. Third connect front and back bodice side seam to each other and cut the negative space.

(Placing up bodice and joining up side seam)
(The negative space that I cut out)
(Front and Back View)
(Side view)

After sewing up together, we decided to create more volume by cutting a pair of circles (you must cut a pair of the shape that you want) and seam up the circles.

(Front and back view after sewing circles)
(Side view after sewing circles)

By adding circles into the dress, it creates more volume and drape to the dress.



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