The Brand: IV Atelier

IV Atelier was born in 2015 during my diploma course in Equator College. “IV” was a simplified name of me and “Atelier” stand for a workshop or studio used by an artist or designer.

Some of you might be thinking why it is IV not IL acronym to my name Ivy Lie… The reason behind this is because when you spell I & V, you had completed my first name IVY (ai-vee).

First design of IV Logo

This logo was influenced by my Japanese Samurai collection and created by using Sumi-e (Japanese black ink painting) technique.

In 2016, I kind of changed my style direction into a blend of masculinity and femininity. It also a mix between formal and casual wear which give a confident aura yet still approachable lady.

PicMonkey Collage
(Style direction, muse Olivia Lazuardy )

The first logo that I created doesn’t suitable for the style that I am pursuing now, so I refined it to the current logo of IV Atelier.

Here is the full collection IV Atelier Identity design:





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