Field Trip to Gillman Barracks

After our first trip to  Peranakan museum and Asian Civilisations Museum, we went for another field trip to Gillman Barracks (15mins away from Labrador Park MRT). While the previous post is  more about the eastern culture, today it’s all about western art.


Formed by a lot of small buildings which are dedicated for people who are interested in art. There are total of 15 galleries and 7 eateries, but today some of the galleries are closed while some are empty so we only went to 8 galleries by the day.

We first went to Block 5 Sundaram Tagore Gallery which is nearby the main entrance. The gallery are full of canvases drawn by using pen and layering thousand strokes for a long period of time drawn by a woman named Golnaz Fathi. She also incorporated paints in her art to create more depth into the artwork.

(Artwork by Golnaz Fathi)

I love the color combination that she used. I had made a collection based on these 3 color before and I find it complement my design aesthetic. It was minimalist yet there is one striking color that draw my eyes into this piece of art.

Never thought replacing red with blue will make a good trio as well !

Next in Block 6 Partners & Mucciaccia Gallery, there is a beautiful red art piece that I fell in love with. It was plain red canvas but the structure made it look more luxurious and special.

Sculpture Painting by Agostino Bonalumi

After seeing lots of painting and art piece, we found an installation by Htein Lin in Block 9 Yavuz Gallery. This installation are made from scrap fabrics sewn together as a monument to her mother. It has inspired me to create a design with patches or color blocks .

Monument To My Mother [digital image]. Retrieved from



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