Field Trip to Peranakan Museum

Here mark the start of 2017, I am now finally starting my degree in Raffles Singapore after 9 months of diploma bridging classes. I am so excited and nervous at the same time to be seeing new classmates, new teachers, it’s so much thrill to begin the year of 2017.

So for the first day of class, we are to find inspiration through field trips that already prepared from school. Our lovely lecturer, Arzelle brought us to two museum which are Peranakan Museum. We are to observe things that might sparks inspiration for our prototypes project.

peranakan museum.jpg
(First group photo with my new clasmates)

Here’s a brief explanation for the Peranakan Museum. Peranakan are children born from Chinese descendants with Malay nyonyas. This distinctive combination created a new cultures in history. These nyonyas made a lot of things with colorful beading which now these items are part of their heritage.

(Intricate needle work displayed in Peranakan Museum)

While others looking what’s inside the glass, I was distracted by the wallpaper of the hallways, room divider and also wood wall design. I was imagining the idea to laser cut or slashing holes into fabric.

(Wall display and wallpaper)
(Room divider inside Peranakan Museum)

Last but not least, the installation in the main hall are my favorite piece in this museum. There are various Chinese lantern made from different texture and color blend into one beautiful chandelier.

<—(Zoomed details of the chandelier)

(How it look like when you stand directly under it)