Field Trip to Asian Civilisations Museum

After browsing Peranakan Museum, we proceed to Asian Civilization Museum. There is  two exhibitions held which are “Cities & Kings” and “Port Cities”. There are a lot potteries which has a rustic and damaged texture which give a more interesting touch than normal potteries.


There is a secluded room full of Chinese plates, I loved the interior design of this room. The dark bluish wallpaper with some dim lighting give a majestic aura like a starry night full of stars.

(Blue wallpaper as starry night and plates as the stars)

My love for Red x Black strikes me as soon as I see things in this color combination. My previous lecturer said it this color are preferred by older generation people so she suggested me to refrain combining these two color. But I hope that I will be able to bring this combination to cater younger people who might love this color as much as I am.


By the end of the galleries, I found a spiral stairs that went all the way down to basement. It suddenly reminds me of pleating and also gathers techniques so I took a snap of it. There is hints of rust gold color in between the grey color step made a fine combination of color for a vintage concept.




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